YEAR: 2016


“Waves” is the story of the Erguven family. Evren Erguven was the owner of a hotel chain. He was very rich and ambitious, however he made a faulty investment, and because of his greed he lost everything- in just one night!The bankruptcy not only affected Evren, but also his wife, who was known for managing charities, and his children Ates and Su.The only thing the family has left is part ownership of a modest hotel in Bodrum. The hotel was owned by Yildiz’s father, and after he passed away he left it to her and Faryali. Before Evren was rich he worked there, as did Yildiz. Faryali never stopped working there. Evren wants to sell the hotel and become rich again, however Yildiz prefers to keep the hotel and manage it. If they sold the hotel Faryali wouldn’t have a job and Yildiz would feel as if she were betraying her father’s legacy.Before moving to Bodrum the family lived in luxury. The children went to the best schools, where their classmates were all as rich as them. The two children can’t help but remember all that they left behind. Ates was in love with a rich girl named Alara, and Su was in love with a rich boy named Cenk. They are starting to understand that love is more important than money.The children have made friends in Bodrum. One of their new friends is Faryali’s brother Kelebek and the other is Asli. Asli has had a difficult life. Asli fell in love with Ates, and Kelebek fell in love with Su at first sight. Before the arrival of the Erguven family the lives of Asli and Kelebek were very boring.Because of Asli and Kelebek Su and Ates have begun to understand the struggles of life. Evren tries to separate Yildiz and Faryali from one another and tries to use their pasts against them forming a struggle at the hotel.Evren has a mistress, Gozde, and she wants to get rich quickly. She also plays the game with Evren. Bodrum gives the family a new chance at life, and tests as well.