YEAR: 2020
DURATION: 33 Commercial Hours


"New Life" is about the chain of events happen when two very different families cross their paths. The story is about the conflict of love and the family.


Everything starts with a business opportunity that comes across Captain Adem, who left the Special Forces. The door of a new life was opened to the happy little family, which Adem created with his wife Nevin and their little daughter Ece. All Adem has to do is to protect Yasemin, the young wife of Timur, a rich and powerful businessman. For Adem, a former member of the Special Forces, this job is almost child's play after all the dangerous operations he took part in. Nevin is happy that they will finally be at ease. With Adem's acceptance of the job offer, he and his family step into a completely different world where they are foreigners. Their new life is exciting and promising in the beginning... But soon this perfect picture turns out to be as deceptive as advertising photos.

 Yasemin, a young woman who has gone to class by marrying a rich and strong man, seems to have a world that looks like a fairy tale from the outside which is actually a nightmare and the man who is thought to be the prince with a white horse is a kind of evil monster in fairy tales.

Yasemin is no different from a lone princess imprisoned in a tower. She has no choice but to make a devilish plan to save herself. While implementing her plan step by step, she plays her role in the most perfect way and waits patiently for the day of liberation. It would be a bad surprise for Yasemin to have Adem as her bodyguard. Adem is the biggest obstacle for the young woman to achieve her goal.