YEAR: 2013
DURATION: 187 Commercial Hour
AWARDS: Turkish Electro Technology Exporters' Association (TET) - 3rd place in Export Success Awards 2014


Kuzey Güney is the story of two brothers' struggle to survive in their own worlds. They have different ambitions.... different paths... The only thing they have in common is Cemre, the girl they are both in love with... Kuzey is very lively, rebellious, hot tempered, fearless, righteous and impatient... When there are no words left to be said, he speaks with his fists. That is why he has gotten into trouble ever since his childhood... On the contrary, Güney is a calm, patient, logical and hard-working man... The events which destroy the brothers' lives begin right after Cemre moves into the neighborhood. One night, a very dramatic incident separates the two brothers... An incident which is kept a secret... Now, the family has a big secret which they have to live with, their entire lives.... An overwhelming and burdening weight on Güney's shoulders... Kuzey's revenge and survival.... A secret that breaks two brothers apart, but also a reason to reunite them..... A story that has many questions to be answered.... Will Güney's hard work and ambition turn into greed and anger? Will Kuzey find peace and love in his life?