YEAR: 2018
DURATION: 40 Commercial Hour


Mustafa Kerim Can, with the name known in the organization of the European side of the MKC; Mert Barca is the most ambitious Organized Branch commissioner on the Anatolian side. The whole police department knows that these two men hate each other. Aside from the competition from the past, the police academy, the main issue between them is a highly emotional and personal matter.

He has brought these two policemen, who have been trying to stay away from each other for years, against a giant drug raid (the "Mermaid" operation). The courage of Barca and the intelligence of the MKC ensure that the operation is successful, but the pair eventually makes a very strong common enemy.

The men at the head of the drug network are ruthless and powerful criminals around the world. Demiray Hazan is their leader. Demiray is determined to eliminate two police officers.

The MKC and Barca find themselves in the middle of a shrinking circle, struggling for the lives of their loved ones and themselves. Events force them to face their past. The two policemen are forced to set aside their problems with each other and fight together against their common enemies. Their enemies are very powerful. Their struggle is difficult, but it will be more difficult to tolerate each other.