YEAR: 2006
DURATION: 10 Original Episodes


Hasan Aladağ, owner of a chain of hotels, has been murdered in front of his house. Can Özbayram ,the new police chief in the crime investigation department, is charged to solve this murder. In this process he faces different swindler and tons of fake games. He finds out that this is not an ordinary murder and the police department is not alone in this investigation. Berna is a promising journalist and tries to find an extraordinary case to promote. Semih, the son of Hasan Aladağ who lives in the states, also wants this case to be solved. He was on a vacation in Ankara when his father was murdered. He suddenly finds himself in the middle of the struggle. The homicide of Hasan Aladağ uncovered suspicious relationships and resulted with additional murders to hide the proofs. Berna is hurt when finding out some realities about his father. Her changing believes about the ideology, politics and the state leads her to try more to discover the reality rather than the efforts for gaining more success in her career. The reality is sometimes encouraging and most of the times demotivating. In the same time she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle.