YEAR: 2012
DURATION: 90 Original Episodes


Conflicts, secrets, love stories, friendships of these people who have extremely distinct life styles start when Deniz and her brother move to Istanbul from Izmir following Deniz’s dreams to become an actress.. They start living in their recently furnished big appartment on the uppermost floor of the house with terrace that they share with Kocabas family. Şehmuz Kocabas is a 62 year old authoritarian father who is married with 53 year old Servet who has her own rules. Their son Rıza is an emotional 35 year old single man. On the other hand, his sister Gülistan is kind of masculine. Eventhough she loves her husband, she has problems with her marriage. Her husband Selahattin is totally foxy.. They have a son named Orcun who is at his adolescent ages and has a very unique character. Selahattin’s twin, Ahmet, is a 41 year old unsuccesful actor. These people’s lives cross when Deniz, her brother and her friends, who are also actors, become neighbors with Kocabas family. Now, near the most conservative Anatolian family of Cihangir, there is a messy, funny, bachelor party house.. In addition to all this controversy, both house doors open to the same terrace. This will lead to many hilarious incidents...