A Mother's Guilt

YEAR: 2020
DURATION: 15 Commercial Hours


Starring Özge Özberk, Musa Uzunlar, Emre Kınay, Mert Yazıcıoğlu, Simay Barlas and Pamir Pekin; “A Mother's Guilt” is adapted from Philippines’ hit series "Hanggang Saan" .

"A Mother's Guilt" is the dramatic story of a mother who commits a crime for her child and the love between two young people that will be tested by this guilt. 

Zahide is a single mother of 3; Yusuf, Zehra and Ali, with a low-income. After the death of her husband she works hard for her family in her little fish shop at Göksu, one of the shore districts of Istanbul. They all live together at a shanty while she pays her hard –earned money for a loan of a mass housing.

Her elder son Yusuf studies law and at his final year in a university. He is in love with beautiful Yagmur, the daughter of Sadri. He supports his mother by doing portering in his spare time. One day he has an attack while carrying flour sacks. He needs to have an urgent heart surgery in order to survive.

When Zahide tries to cash out her investments from the mass housing, Sadri; the owner of the company tells her, the company is bankrupted. In order to save his company he needs the insurance money and the only way to get this is to be murdered by someone. Sadri offers Zahide to kill himself. After having a night with nightmares Zahide again goes to meet with Sadri to ask her money. But hopeless Sadri dealed with a homeless and waiting for him to kill himself while Zahide goes to meet him again. But the homeless doesn’t show up.

So Sadri tries to convience Zahide by offering her his last money in cash and his wrist watch to kill himself, even begged. While trying to persuade her, they start to struggle with the gun and Zahide shoots hims unintentionally. She takes the money leaving him lying wounded in blood and goes to the hospital to save for her son. And her life-long test by the unintentional guilt starts….